I started this book on Sunday afternoon and finished it at 11PM Sunday night. This is a true story told from the heart of the author, who lived a priveleged childhood in South Africa including all the normal angst and insecurities that go along with a young girl growing up. It then moves into a wonderful love story with an Africaner not from her charmed English world which results in turning the author’s world upside down in so many ways. Ruchel’s grit and determination to carve out a meaningful role for herself that is not her mother’s or husband’s view of what she “should do and be” results in many twists, turns, and humorous moments. Definitely the bath tub on the roof of the car, and the snowman scenes are just a few. Along with her personal story Ruchel shares the political changes that were taking place in South Africa during the time she was living there. Definitely an interesting read! Gail Auguston-Koppen

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