“I’ve had the unique privilege of interviewing many of the world’s most exciting, influential celebrities and taste-makers. Each of these experiences has been a great gift to me, filled with gems I can then share with the world.” Ruchel


Ruchel is an accomplished author, editor, and documentary/film producer, known for her insightful interviews and lyrical brand of journalism. Her nuanced coverage of style, celebrity, health, philanthropy, and politics has earned her widespread acclaim, while her work as a producer has brought significant success to a spectrum of lifestyle and wellness companies.

“It takes real talent to get someone to open up in an interview setting, and that’s a talent Ruchel definitely has. She has warmth that’s genuine, which brings out a level of intimacy and candidness that’s pretty uncommon. Add in her incisiveness and her ability to ask challenging questions without coming across as adversarial, and she stands apart as one of the truly best interviewers.”  Mike Jackson, CEO AutoNation